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Fedora is 2nd on Distrowatch and has been in the top 3 for ages. Why isn't it supported? Yet, Nvidia cards (at least the gneration before Fermi) are. You can't even use the full functioning of an ATI HD 4xxx card in Fedora 13 (cuz they use X-Server 1.8?). I'd say the support is maybe 80% to use a quantitative figure to describe the support.
Maybe because AMD don't officially support Fedora 13? Go ask them why - though at a guess, the response would be something like "our customers don't use it much". That of course refers to the fglrx drivers.
There's probably hacks around to have it running on fedora anyway, if you look hard enough.
But if you're going to use a distro that AMD doesn't support, and is known not to support, and is known to stick to the packages available on their supported list (typically Ubuntu), then really you made that choice.