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Shipping such libs with a game is anyways big time bull-crap.
You try shipping something linked against libpng12 sometime and you might just change that tune just a smidge- Arch Linux users will be complaining at you over it, just for starters. I'd gotten bitten by that one in recent times along with a few other gems like it.

Not all libs play nicely the way you'd expect them to, Dragonlord. To normalize things, you DO have to, unfortunately provide select .so's to assure things are there in the versions you expect them to be. You can more safely link against things like libc and similar- but unless you're part of the distribution directly, it can be very problematic to expect everything except the game's binary itself will be provided by the distribution. Missing libs, incompatible libs... It's a quagmire if you don't ship a few select .so's. I'm suspecting OpenAL-Soft gets bundled with the title because it can NOT be presumed it's on a given distribution install unless there's already been a game that needed it having been installed. Trying to get the users to resolve their dependencies is...entertaining... So you, much to most's dismay, do that "bull-crap" thing to ensure availability and compatibility of key libs you can't be assured will be there for you.