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Non-programmers should have input and should be able to vote and influence those who program. But they shouldn't be making decisions. Mostly because they can't clean up the mess.

You want to directly influence Linux? Pick up a copy of K&R and start programming. Only then can you take direct responsibility for your decisions.
I see something more specific. The new Cannonical head Jane Silber was expected to head_up UBUNTU push into the corporation. The release 10.04 LTS was s[pearhead. She prolly figured to generate an **ansatz** ... and she did just that.

It's just been all failed. The Ubuntu product is miles_wide and an inch deep in desktop usability. With enormous care by both usrland lusrs and by the Ubuntu release_team you can manage the illusion of a carefree Linux desktop.; some stuff works amazingly well. But, gawdhelpyou should usrland get 1/2 step off the beaten trail. That's what happened in the U_9.1/2 fiasco ... and is happening now in LTS updates all-over the release spectrum from 8.04.1 to 10.04 ....

Less than 1% of competitive desktop lusrs have chosen Ubuntu; that ought to have spoken volumes ... about Ubuntu weakness. Users aren't fools w.r.t. their own comfort level. But nagging facts evidently only inspired Cannonical to overbearing fantasyland folly.

They have-been/are over-reaching and the entire Ubuntu lusr_community pays with trashed systems and functionless kit.