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Thread: Xorg high Cpu Utilization - Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 64 Bit

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    Lightbulb Xorg high Cpu Utilization - Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 64 Bit

    Hi Guys , Linux Newbie here.
    Switching from windows and finding a bit difficult to set Graphics acceleration properly.

    Mine Config:
    Ubuntu Lucid 64 Bit | AMD Athlon II x3 ( ACC Enabled ) | Biostar TA785GE 128 M | 785g chipset | Installed ubuntu using WUBI Feature i.e mine HDD devices are loop devices. | CPU Scaling set to 100 % |

    Previously, i was having ISSUE with installation of FGLRX 10.4,10.5 and 10.6. Installation would be proper , but when i would restart, i could strange rectangular cube and nothing else, although that issue was located and solved earlier today. It was related SidePort Memory with FGLRX and Xorf ... details here

    Now, i had switched to UMA - 128 Mb , installed FGLRX 10.6 ( downloaded from ATI Site ) and i can see Elements properly.

    Now ISSUE is related to High CPU utilzation of Xorg Process , when desktops effects takes place or when a HD Content movie - H.264 coded .
    xvid play normally without any high utilization.

    I am attaching mine Xorg Log file and Xorg.conf file via PasteBin.

    IMHO, now Xorg load modules dynamically, do i need to add modules in Xorg.conf to enable proper hardware acceleration ( which can eliminate this issue ) ?

    Wud be editing post in a ShortWhile to add results for default RADEON driver installed by Ubuntu ....


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    sorry forgot to add PASTEBIN Links , and there was no EDIT button via which i could edit main POST itself... mods... no bumping thou i am.

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