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AMD probably has less developers working on the Linux driver. Their development is basically, fix it when it breaks. nVidia probably looks for signs of deprecation and fixes kernel bugs early. The only problems they get are things that are changed silently while fglrx doesn't work anyway.

I like to compare it to backing up a disk daily and replacing the drive when there are signs of new unreliability.

AMD seems to be the type that waits for the drive to stop writing and reading reliability, take the system down, send off their drive to the nearest recovery plant, and one month later you can begin using your server once all the data has been recovered.

That's the life you get when you use the newest stable kernel with AMD's Linux drivers.
^^^^^ x1000!!!! if you are stuck with a laptop with an ATI card in it.

I wouldn't buy any new laptop with an ATI card in it!

At least, on the desktop, you have options... 'can experiment with an ATI card and if you're unsatisfied, you have options.