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Yeah, if you INSIST on experimenting with an ATI GPU do it with, at first, a cheap/free preferably semi-recent second hand GPU on a desktop.

Why? While most modern notebook you can use various MXM GPU card you will also likely need a new heatsink mfg/ODM MAY have them o.w. you'll need to fabricate one. Also MXM GPUs are incredibly expensive for what they are.

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Okay. I am willing to experiment with a cheap second hand card. How is the 4870 nowadays? For video/2D/3D? Does it work as good as Nvidia 9800GT/GTS 250?

Can I watch a video/divx/dvd without tearing on both ATI drivers?

I'm going to hold off on buying a BRAND NEW recent card for now. I can always sell either card above since there is still some demand for them.