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I wasn't being technical when i said 'fail', forgive me (was using gaming terms). I thought i understood what was going on, but your post confused me a bit. What are these open drivers you speak ok? I was under the impression that fglrx was half open/half proprietary? and of course ATI linux 10.5 was fully proprietary.
No, fglrx is fully closed source. The drivers that Ubuntu recommends are simply repackaged versions of the 10.4 driver from AMD/ATI. They *are* fglrx. There is no real distinction between the drivers Ubuntu recommends and the one you downloaded (other than the downloaded ones being slightly newer and packaged for Ubuntu already).

That's the only drivers i know of and tried. What drivers do stock ubuntu come with that enables my card to work well with compiz straight out of the box.
The ones straight out of the box. That's as pretty clear as I can make it. The open source drivers, which are used in Ubuntu by default, will run compiz and do not suffer from the same 2D performance issues you were experiencing.

Shouldn't installing a recent ATI driver give me even better performance?
Not at 2D operations, particularly composited ones.

I have a feeling i will need ATI over stock ubuntu when it's time to game.
Depends on the game, but that is likely the case, yes.