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Thread: fglrx and xcalib

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    Default fglrx and xcalib

    I've got a nice dual monitor setup working with my new ATI 5750 now, but I'd like to load my ICM profiles... It seems that xcalib halfway works... I can load a profile, but can only get it to apply to the second monitor.

    For example, if I run:
    xcalib -s 0 Dell-2001FP.icm

    Blammo, my second monitor looks beautiful. Weird that it's on -s 0, as I'd expect my first monitor to be there, but OK. But:
    xcalib -s 1 Dell-3007WFP.icm

    Gives me an error. Now I guess there's just one virtual X screen, but it's only applying the profile to one monitor, not the whole screen (if I could have only one profile, I'd rather it be the one for my first monitor).

    Any ideas?

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    I found a solution: Use dispwin from argyll instead of xcalib
    dispwin -d 1 Dell-3007WFP.icm
    dispwin -d 2 Dell-2001FP.icm

    Holy crap, everything is working PERFECTLY! You have no idea how excited I am to no longer be using nVidia with Xinerama!

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