I'll be installing Ubuntu 10.04 soon on my old Thinkpad.

I went to Thinkpad forums and some users are saying they had to use XAA!

What?!? I thought there was a transition to EXA now?

What are you supposed to use for older hardware?!? Mobility Radeon cards in R200 to R300...R250... Radeon 7500 to 9000 cards.... Mine's a R250 / 9000.

This problem/issue has been going on for eons... I remember way back reading long threads about what to edit xorg.conf to...to use XAA or EXA... what a mess... that's why I gave up on Linux on my laptop...

Now, I'm using Compiz/Effects and Debian Squeeze LXDE is running okay...but, I haven't checked out graphics effects... too scared to.