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Sure, but that's basic pipelining - one release is frozen for QA while development proceeds on the next release. It's not "developing drivers in parallel" by any stretch.

I can call you a liar any time I want
catalyst 10-7 is a good example of parallel development 10-7 is still in dev and yes the driver is not ready yet.......

but new code is there right now for the 10-8.--.

you call it basic pipelining

i call it bug-fixing on an feature set parallel to implement new features and parallel fixing bugs in the new feature set.

for every driver version amd try do deliver a feature set and they try to bugfix this feature set and for the next version they have a different feature set and they to to fix this feature-set in parallel.

but yes 10-7 will be a nice (blackwindowsbugfree)driver :-)