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Thread: Where An Open ATI Driver Beats The Catalyst Driver

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    When you use git on pts then you see the changes 832404e332640868a952a603b68c32c8eb4f1c14 (use mplayer vaapi) and fadc029c2e94c572353edda8f7cee9ca2f5a193e (use only -vo vaapi). The fixes are not visable in git yet (as usual) only in the tar.gz download. I mentioned that about 100 times at least that phorogit is not useable for debugging when there are always changes you don't get with a git clone. I would remove the complete article however as it was based on wrong assumptions. Lets look forward for updated benchmarks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MU_Engineer View Post
    No, that's for a framebuffer. If you want KMS, go to Device Drivers -> Graphics Support -> Direct Rendering Manager Support -> ATI Radeon ->[*] Enable modesetting in radeon by default - NEW DRIVER

    in your kernel config on a recent kernel.
    Thanks for the reply. Will try out your instructions.

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