Dear all,

I am using archlinux with packings from core and extra repo, kernel 2.6.33 64 bits.

I have a ATI card RV730 (HD4650 Mobility), using the oss radeon driver.

I have the following issue:
- I updated today my system to xf86-video-ati 6.13, and ati-dri 7.8, and kernel to 2.6.34. Impossible to start X, in UMS or KMS mode. Black screen.
I have the following error in kernel.log:
"You have old or broken userspace, please update mesa or ati-dri"
"Resetting GPU"
Then, nothing (this is the last line). Xorg.0.log contains the data from the previous sucessfull start, nothing in it from the problematic start.

I did some tests and I see exactly when the problem has been introduced:
- With kernel 2.6.33, ati-dri 7.7 and libgl 7.7: OK
- With kernel 2.6.33, ati-dri 7.7.1 and libgl 7.7.1: problem.
In archlinux repos, the regression appears the 1st april (ati-dri and libgl upgraded from 7.7 to 7.7.1 this day).

Some ideas ? Need some more information ?
Thanks for the help.