I have been waiting for an asus laptop to be released (the UL30Jt), and now the specs show that it uses optimus. There's more and more laptops with nvidia optimus being announced and coming out.

This got me poking around, and, as it has been discussed on other threads, nvidia's Aaron Plattner has stated (source):
We have no plans to support Optimus on Linux at this time.
What does this mean? With optimus (as far as I could find out and as stated by Dave Arlie) there will be no way to physically connect the nvidia card to the laptop panel or other outputs. Because really, when it is working, there's no need to.

So we know that going forward almost all of intel's processors will feature integrated graphics, except from very-high-end. If optimus really performs as well as nvidia presents, there won't be any reason to not have it, except on high-end gamer laptops and such.

Put all of these together and you get a very bleak picture: most, if not all new latops will probably have optimus, and that's the end of the line for nvidia on linux laptops. You might as well throw a rock inside your laptop case and it will perform the same.

These prospects scare me a lot. I am a big nvidia fan (I have a crapton of nvidia cards, from riva tnt's to 9400M's and not-M's), and their linux support is very good in terms of performance, vdpau works great, etc etc, but I'm afraid that soon we won't be able to have any nvidia support on laptops.

Just wanted to get this out there, hoping that I am wrong or that we can do something to change this.