The K2 engine games (Savage 2 and Heroes of Newerth) might be interesting to add to PTS to get a different perspective on testing OpenGL implementations on different platforms:

1. The 3d engine is written from scratch, so it will display distinct performance characteristics from the usual Unreal-based / idtech based engines.

2. It isn't as brutally demanding as Unigine, so it can run on pretty old hardware, as well as the latest Gallium3d drivers (at least for nouveau and radeon). It uses OpenGL 2.1 with shader language 1.20, which is just barely what Gallium3d supports right now.

3. They have a 64-bit version for Linux, which means you can compare the performance vs. the 32-bit version

4. It uses the best-supported API available on the platform: on Windows, it uses Direct3d 9.0c, and on Mac/Linux it uses OpenGL 2.1.

Because it runs on Windows, Mac and Linux, you can probably use rEFIt and/or Boot Camp to try it on Windows, Mac and Linux on a new Mac Mini (with the GT200 based IGP) and compare the FPS on OS X, Linux and Windows using the same hardware.

Of course, Apple's OpenGL performance has been steadily regressing for months, which is ironic considering that a very major player in Valve has just brought the Source engine to Mac. It very well may be that with a Mac Mini, you can get better performance using Linux and the Nvidia binary driver (or maybe even Nouveau!) than you can on good ol' XNU.

Anyway, what do you guys think about adding Savage 2 or HoN (or both) to PTS?