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Thread: A New Development Release Of GTK+ 3.0

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    Default A New Development Release Of GTK+ 3.0

    Phoronix: A New Development Release Of GTK+ 3.0

    Yesterday brought new releases of the GNOME Shell and Mutter and today brings a new (development) release of the GTK+ 3.0 tool-kit. With the release next week of a new GNOME 3.0 development snapshot (GNOME 2.31.4), GTK+ 2.90.4 is this new version that has been released to join the updated package-set and there's also a new snapshot for GTK+ 2.22...

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    Default Pixbuf changes

    Splitting gdk-pixbuf into a separate package is something of a surprise at this point in development. Seems like a good move from some of the Bugzilla comments though, allowing the image API to be used independently of X and the widget toolkit...

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