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Thread: overlay-type Xv or opengl

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    Default overlay-type Xv or opengl


    Some old posts used to suggest to choose an 'overlay-type' of Xv. When I run aticonfig --help, I get:

    Screen-Related Options:
    --ovt, --overlay-type=STRING
    Change the overlay for the X server. STRING can be one of:
    It looks like only opengl is supported. When I try to choose Xv, I get:
    #> sudo aticonfig --overlay-type=Xv
    Error: invalid string value for --ovt option. 
    Please check aticonfig help info for supported overlay type.
    aticonfig: parsing the command-line failed.
    Was Xv overlay removed or do I not have some package installed to enable it?


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    Yeah, we took video processing out of the overlay hardware starting with r520, so video overlay was no longer an option for 5xx and higher GPUs. Since fglrx only supports r600 and higher these days, video overlay is not an option for any GPU the driver supports.

    Note that OpenGL overlay is something completely different - it allows an application (typically a workstation app) to float menus etc.. over the main application window to make best use of available screen space. Nothing to do with video playback... but since there is only one overlay block you used to have to choose whether overlay would be used for video, or OpenGL, or neither.

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