Hi all,

I'm running a desktop PC with a Radeon HD 3850 256mb video card, and I haven't been able to get fglrx with any version of the driver that supports Ubuntu 10.04. I also have a laptop with an ATI 3450, but the drivers have had no problem on that device.

When I install the driver (normally using the package build method, but I have tried a direct install) and reboot, Ubuntu boots only up to the point of the splash screen, stuck there as it tries to load X.

I have pastebins of my xorg.conf and xorg.0.log files.


The log says it can't find an ACPI file, but I'm not sure if it is relevant. I have tried running:
aticonfig --acpi-services=off
but to no avail. My BIOS drivers are fully updated (Motherboard is an ASUS M2NPV-VM)

I've had this issue back since Ubuntu 9.10, but havent put in the time to work at it. I've been hoping for an improved driver but it hasn't fixed my issue.

If anyone knows of a solution to this, I'd be thrilled