I am considering getting an Radeon 5870 what is the support for this card
like in Linux these days. What is the chances for an open source sometime
down the track.
I normally purchase a video card on the prospects of future driver support.
One of the main problems in getting a video card for linux is that by the
time the card has good driver support you can no longer obtain the card. An
example of this is the support for the 4870 is just starting to be very good
and it is no longer availible. So what I do is have a look around for a card
that has good FUTURE prospects purchase it and put it in the draw till such
time as decent support can be had.
The 5870 appears to be a nice card but how is it currently and what is its
prospects. Unfortunately it is also expensive like around 650 dollars
Australian, which gives one cause to pause. Note: I do have a requirement
for a good 3D card. I have found FGLRX OK so far on a 4870 so FGLRX support
is OK.
Can Bridgman shed any light here.