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Thread: Anarchy Online fails on wine

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    Default Anarchy Online fails on wine

    According to google, AO should work on wine. But I downloaded the classic client a couple of days ago, installed and started... but no luck. When the game tries to patch I get an error: Unsupported operation was requested. The patcher starts, but closes a few seconds later. At least in the console, no error is displayed, is there any other place where I can find wine logs or something to get more information?
    Im using wine 1.1.40.

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    Ders better places to ask this question, as many here would ignore you for asking a wine compatibility question.

    THAT SAID. L33F3R is a nice guy whos job it is to troll the internet, quite literally.

    A hommie reports it working with 1.2RC however 1139-1142 do not work.

    so downloaded the latest RC.

    Quote Originally Posted by Frostsongr
    You need ie6 to patch/install.

    sh winetricks ie6
    Next time when seeking an answer to a problem, visit the developers website as its a good chance they have accurate information or open bugs should the issue truly be one. Google did not tell you if AO works or not. Google is a search engine. The internet is full of idiots so when seeking information always start with the most reliable source. It saves you time and nice people like L33F3R time. I figured you diddnt know about the wine app DB, or any wine related forums.

    Try out the RC and report back if it works/doesnt work. We can begin to troubleshoot from there.

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