I recently purchased an Acer Aspire TimelineX 1830TZ which is a pretty cool 11.6" Subnotebook with a ULVP Prozessor (Intel U5400) which means it has a very good battery runtime with about ~8 hours.
But this device had a few issues with running the latest Ubuntu. The following things were broken:

* Changing the brightness of screen backlight (fixed after BIOS update)
* Scrolling with the touchpad
* Wireless keys for deactivating/activating etc - it was always disabled after boot

So ... I'm now on the search for a possible new Subnotebook.
What do you think? Have you suggestions/knowledge about which recent Subnotebooks are working well with a Linux system?
I'm able to do the configuriation/compiling drivers by hand if necessary.

Which brands are known for beeing very good at Linux compatibility?

Thank you so much!