I recently installed the ATI Catalyst Driver 8.74 and Catalyst Control Center 10.6 in Ubuntu Lucid, everything works fine so far except the CrossFire. After setting up and then enabling the CrossFire (all in sudo): "aticonfig --cf=on --adapter=0" I received this message in the terminal:
CrossFire chain(s) enabled
CrossFire does not support on this platform

When I run the command: "aticonfig --lsch" I get:
CrossFire chain for adapter 0, status: enabled
and then it lists my adapters in the CrossFire chain.

But "aticonfig --lscs" list the CrossFire status as disabled on the current device". I guess this is apparently different than the chain status “aticonfig –lsch”??

I'm confused at this point because although the terminal says my platform does not support CrossFire, I know it does. I am using an MSI K9A2 Platinum MB and two Sapphire HD3870 cards. The cards are installed in the correct slots (EX1 and EX4 with two ribbon cables joining them). According to the MB manual this is how the CrossFire is enabled as there are no settings in the BIOS to enable it. Any help will be greatly appreciated!