Alan has never stopped sending those mails. I am getting tired on some boneheaded people. Again, for the umpteen time: there are no signs that Oracle is killing Solaris or OpenSolaris. Instead, Larry has invested billions in Solaris, far more money than Linux. And he will invest even more money now. We have told you that umpteen times. But we just dont reach some of you guys.

"Solaris is dead". "ZFS is dead". etc. etc. It is really difficult to discuss with some people here. *Sigh*

EDIT: I have thought a bit on this. I doubt people are so mentally retarded that they dont understand. The only choice must be that they are FUDars and liars. That is far more probable, than some people having an IQ of 75 or lower. To have such a low IQ is very unlikely. Ergo: They understand what we write, but choose to ignore it because they are FUDers and liars.