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Btrfs is a zfs killer, because it's a much faster then zfs, has a feature parity with it and what's the most important it's the Linux file system. Kebbabert, you have lied about Firefox devs switching to slowlaris. Now, you showed few "devs" more links, but not related to what you were claiming.

I see nothing here, about switching to slowlaris.

It seems it's an only dev who switched (and you gave this link before, so he's counted only once). Where are the others? You do lie and FUD.

Three or four maybe prefer to use it, but as far I can see an only one is claiming he has switched. You do lie and FUD.

An another meaningless example. Does he switch? Nothing about this.

There are many stories. Many of them are good for children.

Afaik, Solaris is a living ocean, so I bet such lame devs from the Sun know nothing about it.

So, Keb, "Firefox developers have switched from Ubuntu to Solaris just because of DTrace" it's a lie, isn't it?
If I say "Mozilla devs have switched to OpenSolaris" it is very different from saying "All mozilla devs have switched to OpenSolaris". If I say "it rained last week" - do I mean it rained the entire week, or do I mean that someday it rained? If I say "I went to Spain last summer" do I mean I was in Spain the entire whole summer, or that I did spend only a period in Spain? If I say "police men hit me last year" do I mean all policemen in the world hit me?

Kraftman, now you are just silly again. There are several Mozilla devs that uses DTrace. One of them even nominated DTrace to an award. If Mozilla devs use DTrace, then they must use OpenSolaris. There are no DTrace on Linux.

If you post reasonable interesting things, with links and if you stop FUDing (which you confessed you do) I can continue discussion. But not when you just play dumb.