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Thread: Intel's Preparing To Push Its New GLSL Compiler Into Mesa

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    Default Intel's Preparing To Push Its New GLSL Compiler Into Mesa

    Phoronix: Intel's Preparing To Push Its New GLSL Compiler Into Mesa

    Mesa 7.9 is shaping up to be one hell of a release. Mesa 7.9 is already set to carry many ATI Gallium3D driver improvements along with enhancements to the LLVMpipe driver that uses the CPU for rendering, the early R600g driver, various Gallium3D architectural and state tracker improvements (MSAA, Stream Out, etc), more OpenGL 3.x functionality, and tons of other changes. But there's still more coming! Intel's Ian Romanick has announced on the Mesa development list that they would like to merge their new GLSL compiler into Mesa in August...

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    See this, nVidia blobsters? This is why FLOSS drivers kick ass; common interests instead of disposable binaries...

    Thanks, Intel!

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    Default great

    Better have another compiler than llvm.
    BTW, since GCC can handle plugins now, why not using it for shader compilation? And it's GNU GPL!

    On an other aspect, shaders are all about speed. Then, good to have a generic language to code them, but what about measurement of a shader performance? Could the linux instrumentation framework be used elegantly on GPU performance counters or shall it be better to create a new framework based on the current performance counters of GPUs?

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    Why not llvm? It's proven to be good at compiling shaders (Apple uses it). Plugin support in gcc is still very new and immature - it's quite the opposite with llvm, which was designed as a framework from the beginning.

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