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Anyone that can help me to get this thing to build correctly?
I have the exact same problem that you have. I can't compile libva (after I patched) because of those errors in libtool. I'm also using Arch Linux.

I'd like to add that I tried using an older version of xvba-video (0.6.11), the one that's compatible with the libva in the Arch repos.
I did get vainfo to work; but I had an error on the h264 hwdecode-demo. And when I play any video with -vo vaapi (or vaapi:gl) -va vaapi the video shows a black screen and my cpu goes crazy.

I'm now using the current xvba-video (from the AUR) and thus I need to compile libva.

So this isn't a really helpful post, but think of it as me confirming your problems.