We all agree that ZFS is better today, but you are claiming that this would never change. You are claiming facts like:

"Linux is really bad as a Large Enterprise server. It is not because of the bad filesystems, but because of limitations in the Linux kernel"

You don't now how linux will evolve in the future.

You point as an absolute true true some consultant oppinions. Eventhough there are kernel / FS devs who point the opposite. If plp show you this the article is just wrong, and ovbiously your 2008 articles are all true, and will remain true forever.

You are not showing academic papers you are shoing us magazine articles.

Do you know enough math to understand what this means? It means EXPONENTIAL GROWTH, the same as Moore's law. And if you dont know theory about asymptotics, let me tell you. Exponential growth is a very bad thing, it grows extremely fast. It actually, grows exponentially.

Why am I wasting time pointing out errors in their juvenile reasonings?

I, the "person that dont know math", will lecture you on math and formulas.

"128 bitness in a filesystem is just plain silly in 2010" - Wrong. I hope I taught you something today.

Next time, before you claim someone dont know arithmetic, I suggest you checkup your own arguments first. Maybe he has a PhD in math?
Someone like that doesn't have PhD in math, as much you have PhD in narcissism.