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Thread: Lian Li PC-T60 ATX Test Bench

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    Default Lian Li PC-T60 ATX Test Bench

    Phoronix: Lian Li PC-T60 ATX Test Bench

    When testing out new hardware at Phoronix the systems are often running in an open environment atop a table rather than nestled away within an ATX case. While cases like the Raven RV02 and Fortress FT02 are wonderful to work with and use, when routinely swapping out hardware whether it's graphics cards or motherboards, it can be time consuming having to open up the chassis each time, remove any screws, pull out the existing hardware, and then install the new hardware. Running the hardware simply off its own cardboard box is often the quickest and most efficient path, but each system can occupy a lot of table space and lead to a rather cluttered work area. Fortunately, Lian Li has introduced a new ATX test bench called the PC-T60 that is designed for those enthusiasts or professionals that are frequently swapping out PC hardware.

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    It'd be really nice if this article included some pictures of what you are talking about rather than just the bare case.

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    i was thinking some pics with parts would be nice too. any time i have a computer open its to swap out or clone hard disks, occationally to mess with pci cards. would be a nicer set up to have easy access to disks.

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