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Thread: Radeon EGL Patches For Mesa, Wayland

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    Default Radeon EGL Patches For Mesa, Wayland

    Phoronix: Radeon EGL Patches For Mesa, Wayland

    Yesterday we reported on the state of Wayland with the project's founder, Kristian Høgsberg, showing the initial GTK+ 3.0 tool-kit running under this interesting display server. Besides the lack of tool-kits being fully ported over to run under Wayland, another stumbling block for advancing Wayland's development and usage has been the relatively high barrier to entry for simply getting Wayland to run. Fortunately, that barrier is slowly being lowered...

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    I wonder if it's related only to r600 driver or will it touch r300g soon, too. Not that I need this - there is a lot other work needed for drivers, but I'm just curious.

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