Intel was first to adopt DDR2 memory when they had launched their LGA-775 socket nearly two years ago with the Grantsdale and Alderwood Chipsets. Intel Corporation is first again to introduce the latest in memory technology: FB-DIMM. FB-DIMM is short for Fully Buffered Dual Inline Memory Module, and is primarily designed for mission-critical server environments that require maximum performance with minimal errors. FB-DIMMs are designed to bring the best traits from DDR2 memory while combining a new point-to-point serial memory interface. Some of the key benefits for Fully Buffered DIMMs include enhanced reliability, greater bandwidth, improved scalability, and higher capacity per memory channel. We at Phoronix have the first performance preview of the new DDR2 FB-DIMM memory modules on the Xeon Greencreek platform.
Results for the FB-DIMM were delivered using a Dempsey Xeon 5080, and the FB-DIMM modules used are from Kingston. We had compared the FB-DIMM DDR2 against DDR2-667 desktop memory, DDR-400 ECC Reg, and even DDR1-400.

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