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Thread: Phoronix should use Flattr

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    Lightbulb Phoronix should use Flattr

    there's a new service called Flattr (, a good replacement for advertisements! You could include Flattr-buttons on every article, so readers could donate easily to their favorite news!
    In Germany, Flattr is already very popular and big newspapers like "die TAZ" or "DerFreitag" implemented successfully this feature
    Especially for a portal like Phoronix, which reports about the opensource-scene, this would be a good voluntary payment-system and could attract more readers over listings!

    Greets oNNy

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    I was about to post about this too.

    I don't think flattr can replace advertisements and paid subscriptions yet, but I think it is a very neat idea, and seems very easy to add support so I think it should be considered.

    They even have a neat video explaining the idea:

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