Just as a FYI, this weekend openSUSE is doing a bug squashing weekend on KDE. If you have the time to help out by all means join in.

Javier sent us the following announcement:

Itís my pleasure to announce the next KDE Bug triage
It will begin next Friday (13th) and end on Monday (16th).
The aim of this bug triage is to help make KDE a bit better. You donít need to have any special skills. The most important thing is that youíre interested in helping us to clean the bug list so developers can focus on fixing the bugs!
So, letís squash bugs together! Join us in the #opensuse-kde IRC channel on Freenode
For more info on bug squashing KDE, take a look here!
To see a list of open bugs is here (automatically generated).
Happy KDE bug squashing!