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Thread: NVIDIA's Dead Open-Source Driver Gets Updated

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    Default NVIDIA's Dead Open-Source Driver Gets Updated

    Phoronix: NVIDIA's Dead Open-Source Driver Gets Updated

    Back in March an announcement came out of NVIDIA as they were getting ready to launch the GeForce GTX 400 "Fermi" graphics cards that they would be dropping support for the xf86-video-nv driver. The xf86-video-nv driver really didn't provide much of a feature set and was far behind the Nouveau KMS and Gallium3D drivers even though these were reverse-engineered by the open-source, so NVIDIA announced they would be discontinuing this open-source DDX driver and advised its customers to just use the VESA driver until they are able to download and install NVIDIA's proprietary Linux graphics driver. However, today they have decided to release an updated driver...

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    I'd rather fancy some status update from nouveau, it's a bit we don't hear from this very promising effort!

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