On ubuntu 10.10 64bit i have a mini/maximize LAG like non direct2D catalyst 10-5 versions in the 10-7 catalyst

and then i install the 32bit version and i get graphic corruptions if i scrol horizontal

this bug makes me crazy.. can't read the phornix forum in zoomed because i can't scrol without broke the view.
yes also 10-7 catalyst.

so now i use the radeon driver and wow i can read the phoronix forum without any corruption and flash videos work very good overall i get peace. (yes yes r700 hd4670)

i really don't understand the 'catalyst' release Philosophy
100 time more money compared to the radeon driver means bigger 'fire' and burn more money.
well the catalyst 10-8 will come fast this month means the monkeys comes out of the madhouse a little earlier.