I'll probably be looking for a sound card for a new build. I will use it for music and movies in particular.

I've been to the ALSA website. I'm not sure if it's up to date but it looks like the choices (in my budget) are as follows:

Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-FI Titanium (emu20k2)

Auzentech X-Plosion 7.1 Cinema (C-Media CMI8770)

ASUS Xonar DX (AV100 C-Media CMI8788????)

I think all of these are supported but the Sound Blaster and Asus card has the best overall sound? I was curious about the Creative support in Linux, though. There were reviews back about the drivers but if I use a distro with 2.6.32+, it will probably have at least ALSA 1.0.22, right?

The Xonar DX has a C-Media CMI8788 chipset (then what is AV-100??)? It might be the most compatible or problem free?

I don't want to go over, say $80, for a card. I figure that is good enough. If it's lower, that's a bonus.

Any recommendations? Or other sound card suggestions?