Just curious to wheither or not people are using them.

Personally I have two ATI cards and I use Free software drivers for both and haven't tried the propriatory fglx drivers.

I have a Apple 12" Ibook with 1.2ghz G4 proccessor and a 9200 ATI video card. With that I use the radeon 2d and R200 DRI drivers as supplied with Debian Unstable. (Xorg 7.0 right now I believe)

My other machine with ATI card is my desktop and is a Intel Pentium-D 930 cpu with 945g motherboard. The card is a ATI x800 PCIe card (r480 I think) and I am using the r300_dri.so drivers with it. I compiled drivers from CVS for Libdrm libs, DRM kernel modules, dri X drivers, and libgl libs. All from the Mesa and DRM cvs code from a few weeks ago.