Hallo, I'm working on a project using openscenegraph and I ran into a performance issue.
We started using more complex models with animation and particle effects and they're slowing down to seconds per frame range.
At first I thought it was just the use of more complex objects on an intell vidcard (I'm using an asus ul30vt notebook), so I enabled the nvidia discrete graphics (g210m 512mb) and nothing seems to have changed ...

I'm now looking for a portable workstation /gamer's rig that will play well with ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

I'm considering the lenovo W510, Dell precision m4500 and Toshiba Tecra M10, but I've never used a professional graphics card (quadro or firegl) and don't know what they do differently from their gamer counterparts.

I was hoping that some of the more knowledgeable people here could clarify my doubts and possibly point me in the direction of a powerful but trustworthy linux laptop.