I was wondering if anyone uses Virtualbox.

I was curious if it makes any difference as to what graphics driver or video card you use.

For e.g., if you are using a Linux host and install another Linux OS guest, would the video driver situation be exactly the same as the host?

If you have a Nvidia card, you would have nv drivers at first or you are expected to use VESA drivers until you install the proprietary drivers in the guest OS?

If you have an ATI card, it is probable that you can just use the open source ATI (radeon) driver of whatever card you're using? (Except for the potential issues with Evergreen cards). As an option, you can install the fglrx/Catalyst driver if you want (in the guest OS)?

Am I perceving the situation, correctly?

I am just wondering if there's any benefit to be had based on what video card you have or if there's drawbacks with certain cards.

I'm not worried about the other issues or features of Virtualbox as I believe there's workarounds and documentation on them. I haven't found too many discussions on video drivers/video cards in Virtualbox or even VMWare so I don't know if that means there isn't much of an issue or it's really complicated.

I only know of one VirtualBox user who uses onboard/integrated ATI video (HD 2100) on an AMD AM2+ mobo and they use the open source driver for it. They don't really use VirtualBox to do very many video-oriented projects, though.

Anyone here use VirtualBox? If so, what is your video card and do you have to do anything in particular to get video drivers and video features working? Just curious.