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Thread: setting overscan in 10.8

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    Default setting overscan in 10.8

    using ubuntu lucid, after installing catalyst 10.8 (via package generation) I am unable to set overscan etc. in ccc.
    Monitor is shown as "projector" in ccc (its a hdmi tv), and no tabs appear.

    Probing monitor with aticonfig gives error message about not being able to while randr12 is running, so Ive been trying to disable that..
    The amdpcsdb file is apparently set up to ignore any editing by silently replacing itself, which was a really fun prank ati, thank you.

    Disabling randr in xorg.conf does not seem to do anything.

    If anyone knows how to do this it would be much appreciated.

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    I have not found a proper fix for this bug. My current workaround is to put

    aticonfig --set-dispattrib=tmds2i,positionX:0 > /dev/null
    aticonfig --set-dispattrib=tmds2i,positionY:0 > /dev/null
    aticonfig --set-dispattrib=tmds2i,sizeX:1920 > /dev/null
    aticonfig --set-dispattrib=tmds2i,sizeY:1080 > /dev/null

    in one of my startup scripts. At least this fixes the overscan without any user interaction.

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