Can I bump this to ask a question on processors? If the OP wishes to switch the topic back, it's fine with me as I don't want to crap on the thread!

I am just wondering if one had to stay with LGA 775 socket, which cpu would you get (for prices now).

I have the option of new - E3300
used - Q6600 - $100
used - Q9400 - $150 (that's if I can get the seller down)

I'm inclined to think the Q6600 is the only one worth the price but what do you think?

I have parts for a 2nd machine and just need the cpu and maybe a video card. The mobo is an Asus P45. My current machine is also LGA 775 w/ a Q6600 cpu. I prefer to have the two machines more or less similar in power so I thought a Q6600 for $100 is a better deal, overall, than a E3300 for $50. Right?

I would like to upgrade to a newer architecture, whether AMD or Intel, but I have all the compatible parts, RAM etc., so I thought it's cheaper to just get a cpu and voila, a 2nd machine!

What do you recommend?