I think this has been posted before but I wanted something specific and I also had some questions to add.

I was thinking about this because I was looking an option of buying two cards, one from ATI and one from Nvidia.

However, I only have one computer to test it on unless I can squeeze my way in and use a relative's computer.

It would be easiest on my own new build, though. So, there would be some needed configuration changes. It is not worth my while or can this be done without a lot of trouble?

I read that it's simple to uninstall drivers or purge drivers so that you can switch from Nvidia to ATI or vice versa.

Is the process relatively the same of ATI <---> Nvidia? In other words, Nvidia to ATI is harder/the same as ATI to Nvidia?

It would probably be done just once unless was something new to test. Also, if I went for an ATI card and was dissatisfied, I might to do the switch.

My current card is old, X300SE and I'm not sure it'll do what I want. I read of some problems with it in Google Earth and I already have a laptop with an ATI card that gave problems.

I have not invested much in video cards ever and I read of some gamers having three or four cards at one time! It's just an idea and first, I would like to know if switching drivers is a big deal or not. It seems one has to a lot to just install ATI (and Nvidia drivers) so is purging/removing the drivers much easier? Is there a process? Is it well-documented?

Sorry, if this is a boring topic but since Nvidia does a lot of messing up code when it's installed, does Xorg get 'repaired' when you purge it? I suppose it does. Same question with ATI (since some installs eventually use scripts/PPA or compiling etc....)

Anyway, thanks for any answers.