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Thread: First boot problem Slackware-13.1 & radeon hd4650.

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    Default First boot problem Slackware-13.1 & radeon hd4650.

    My box is not recovering from a crash first boot every morning, and I'm convinced it's linked to the radeon stuff. I get as far as rc.local, which just has these commands
    /sbin/modprobe -i radeon
    /usr/bin/setfont ter-k28n
    That shows as follows in the Logs.
    Sep 11 13:35:51 genius kernel: [drm] Initialized radeon 2.5.0 20080528 for 0000:01:00.0 on minor 0
    Sep 11 13:35:51 genius INADYN[1384]: INADYN: Started 'INADYN version 1.99' - dynamic DNS updater.
    Sep 11 13:40:46 genius ntpd[1243]: Listen normally on 7 eth0 fe80::219:66ff:fe5d:8172 UDP 123
    Sep 11 13:55:33 genius -- MARK --
    Sep 11 14:15:33 genius -- MARK --

    Onscreen the monitor goes dead, no signal, and I can't ssh in, so I presume some nasty crash occurred. Next is a restart after a hard.reset.
    Grepping the logs Shows me many of these '--MARK--' sections, usually where the picture changes i.e KMS might be active. Ter-k28n is a BIG font.
    The Box:
    Asrock K7S41GX m,/b, Athlonxp-2.6Ghz, I gig ram, Radeon hd4650 on 8x agp, Running _stock_ slackware-13.1 w/kernel patched as instructed on this list for the agp to work.

    Restart, (perhaps a number of times)and I'm fine. Cold must be a factor, and the fact that the box has been unplugged overnight. The log is online in some thing the college made me sign up for. Ignore the dying cdrom and hack attempts in the logs, and grep for the word MARK, which I believe is coming from the radeon driver. Line 40,008 is the first MARK above, but they're not always fatal. I did try adding to rc.local
    /usr/bin/radeontool --debug

    But that muddied the waters totally, and gave me nothing. Any ideas? I don't want a winter of this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by business_kid View Post
    Restart, (perhaps a number of times)and I'm fine. Cold must be a factor, and the fact that the box has been unplugged overnight.
    Similiar problem here, with the open drivers i had the following problem:
    During the first startup on each day, about 10 seconds after loading grub, the system froze. Booting without grub timeout gave a freeze during the init-process. After resetting the system was fine through the day.

    AMD Athlon 64X2, HD3850, module compiled into kernel 2.6.34, kms enabled.

    What info is needed to find this bug?

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