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His hardware is supported by Mesa (and very well so), but when he's too lazy to install the drivers and relies on what is shipped by his outdated distro (or choose another distro), well, that's not a good thing for a developer, to put it kindly.
But not with Debian 6.

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Martin sagt:
12. September 2010 um 6:14 pm

I just did compile KDE from trunk on a new system and it took me something about one day on a distribution I know. I have no idea about how to compile a kernel, Xorg or drivers. Sorry but that is just above my knowledge. I need my system to work and using drivers from development versions is nothing I want to do on my productive environment. You can see that I care about a stable system by the fact that I use Debian.

For anything else like using another distribution: sorry no time for it. I am only a freetime developer and have a regular job where I cannot work on KWin.