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Thread: Cannot change gamma in games (HD 4870)

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    Question Cannot change gamma in games (HD 4870)


    I'm using xcalib to calibrate my screen at boot time. System is 64-bit ubuntu 10.04. My screencard is ATI HD 4870. Now the problem is that when I want to run a game form f.ex Frictional Games (Penumbra or Amnesia), I cannot seem to be able to change the gamma level. The games are OpenGl games. Is this because I use the xcalib or do I need to upgrade my fglrx driver? I'm using the one packaged for ubuntu 10.04.

    I'm currently without internet due to some digging work by the neighbour ("&/%#"), so if it can be solved without upgrading the driver it would be nice.

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    i tryed demo of amnesia too. and i can't change gamma in game too.

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    Try calibrating your gamma from the catalyst control center.

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