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"2.) opencl, well it seems decent but some of my devs tested it regularly and nvidia still wipe the floor with fglrx in many use scenerios, so for now quadro are here to stay in my particular case"

you know hd4xxx emulate 1 opencl gpu cache in vram so a hd4xxx card can't beat a nvidia ever.
i hope you do your testing with a hd5000 card.

and wine is still nvidia focused but i think on dx10 games this will be better because on dx9 there are many renderpaths and on dx10 there are only1 renderpath..
all test are made with a firepro V7800 2GB, im pretty sure this card is based on 5000 series but is true that im not sure if this bug prevail in this card. on nvidia we use a Quadro FX 3700(is not a tesla system but is good enough and accesible for my clients)

about wine dx10 is almost(few less glitches) the same but slower and i have corruption on native games too, which i dont have with radeon or nvidia or nouveau. and well many ppl are freaking out with hon support too(i dont have it, maybe someone will post how it went with 10.9)