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Benchmarks alone do not take into account subjective issues like ease of install. I worry that if I buy based on benchmarks alone, I'll get blazingly fast hardware, but will have to compile a custom kernel and a few other packages to realize the performance. That's not so bad, but I've been down that path and recompiling the kernel and/or drivers every time there's a new kernel release just isn't worth the effort to me any more.

I was thinking thinking of something along the lines of StorageReview.com's Leader Board but with more than just performance, like Best for Stock Ubuntu, Best for Stock Fedora, etc and/or Best for Open Drivers, Best with ATI Driver and Best with NVidia Driver.
Contrary to the name, OpenBenchmarking.org can do more than just benchmarks and can answer all of the potential scenarios you outline, albeit the user interface isn't very clear and well laid out and there's some areas for refinement over the coming days, weeks, and months.... It's just not all there yet since it takes a while and I am the one writing all of the code for it and PTS while also writing all of the content on Phoronix.com, so unfortunately, there is lots of work to be done but not enough time in a day. But hopefully by the time you upgrade next, OpenBenchmarking.org will be ready to answer all of your questions.