While none of these additions will come immediately (since they will likely require extra staff along with additional equipment and capital), I would hope some of these changes are just about a year away from becoming a reality. Outside of all of the Linux hardware reviews and other content, I am looking for Phoronix's next big step -- what is currently on the table is Linux media: specifically, audio or video "podcasts". However, that is where you come into play. Below are just two of the possibilities being considered for this media. More will be added to this thread later. Any comments or other suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated.

Linux How-To Videos
- Would you be interested in videos of how to perform different operations within Linux? While anything could be covered here, some of the possibilities could include videos of how to install proprietary drivers on different distributions with how to optimize the driver, etc... Another possibility could be how to setup Apache, PHP, and MySQL. Videos would likely range from beginner to advanced in skill.

Linux Technology Podcasts - A weekly audio/video podcast covering Linux news, hardware, and much more.