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Linux How-To Videos
- Would you be interested in videos of how to perform different operations within Linux? While anything could be covered here, some of the possibilities could include videos of how to install proprietary drivers on different distributions with how to optimize the driver, etc... Another possibility could be how to setup Apache, PHP, and MySQL. Videos would likely range from beginner to advanced in skill.

Linux Technology Podcasts - A weekly audio/video podcast covering Linux news, hardware, and much more.
Phoronix is of great help to a Linux newbie such as myself and these proposed videos would certainly be helpful. However, would those videos be visible by all? In my own case it was some time before my video card ran properly and I'm still having problems with video plug-ins on my web browser. Perhaps those problems should first be addressed in text?

Probably my biggest difficulty in adapting to Linux is the obligatory use of text codes in a terminal window. This process might prove easier if I could find somewhere where these codes were explained and their usage taught.