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Thread: For Those Interested In Direct3D Over Gallium3D

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    (Continuing off-topic) I may be (probably am) completely wrong, but android phones may have the same impact on linux as the iPhone had on macs. After the iPhone, the general public started viewing macs as something that was easy to use, as opposed to the previous misconception of being only for professional designers or computer experts. Many today still think that in order to use linux you need to spend lots of time to "learn" it.
    Anyway I'm not sure I want many people using linux. I like not being targeted by hackers, malware and viruses.

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    Uhm...I'm not sure about that. My anecdotic experience is that people don't make the connection between their phone and Linux. Some months ago I met an old friend of mine who had been given an android phone at work. He was ecstatic about it, he'd be with us in the pub physically, but his mind was doing some bullshit or another with the new toy, like seeing the stars in some region of the ceiling, checking out the slope of the table and beer glasses and other equally important activities. Anyway, so I proudly shouted at him "SEE? IT'S LINUX DAMMIT! IT RULES1", and he was all like, "uh? oh, right, phone does...not so sure about your little black windows (terminals)".

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    Well almost all my male friend ha e Androids. They all know it's Linux. "Android is FUCKING awsome" <- and no, I didn't translate that :P And then it's followed by "It's Linux, it's pro" (that was a translation).

    Anyway they all run Windows and they all like Amnesia, which some bought over Steam.

    Anyway the only thing they can't do on Linux is games. All their other software is Firefox, VLC, Skype, but also Live Messenger and games. For Exchange they use Gmail and Google calander forwarding to their Androids. Yes companies they work for that have MS Exchange use Gmail and Google Calander forwarding.

    Google Docs is always used too. Now all we need is Steam, some more games and it's bye bye for Windows :P,

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