Many of the ads on Phoronix are starting to get in the way of actually using the site. Mainly these are the Flash ads, which with FlashBlock (and yes, I actually do _need_ that -- as anyone on Phoronix knows, some Linux graphics drivers still have issues with basic accel, and letting Flash load up on said desktops is a sure way to have the whole browser stop responding) often just cover up half the damn page making navigation impossible. Apparently some of the ads are dynamically resizing their containers after loading.

Also, the mouse-over ads that pop up Flash widgets make it near impossible to actually get the mouse cursor over various article links without ending up with another covers-half-the-damn-page popup appearing, needing me to click on it, wait for Flash to load, wait for the browser to respond again, and then summarily dismiss the ad.

Ads are fine and good, and hell, I've even bought a product advertised on Phoronix once. But the current ad system is not effective and it's making me less likely to visit the site (and hence, less likely to buy anything from the ads). If your ad network insists on Flash ads I won't see anyway, fine, but at least make sure their code actually sizes the damn Flash containers appropriately. No other site I have ever been to has ads broken in this fashion.

(Primarily using Chrome 6 Beta x86-32.)