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Thread: Fedora 14 Beta Is Now Available

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    Quote Originally Posted by cl333r View Post
    hmm.. I got Fedora 14 beta x64 and when I search for "gdc" it tells me it found "ldc", so back to same story that it can't compile a hello world app.
    You might want to read

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    Quote Originally Posted by RahulSundaram View Post
    Thanks, that's actually my thread, I decided to ask on the F14 forum _first_ before trying to file a bug, and as I found out:
    1) I needed to also install tango-devel
    2) There's no support for D2, only for D1.

    All work on D (as I read from the book on D2) is going into D2, while D(1) is in maintenance mode. So to me I'd rather spend my time on D2 only when available.

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